Sales software for serious business owners

Deliver visual estimates that win more.

StickyBid is sales software that transforms estimates into dynamic sales tools supercharged with selling power

Win more sales in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Create your estimate

StickyBid has the tools to effortlessly create estimates (or whatever you call your pricing documents) from scratch. If you’re using another program to create your price, that’s cool too! Simply drag your PDF into StickyBid and we’ll do the rest.

Step 2

Send it with a custom Sell Page

Mirror the quality of your brand, products, and services with guaranteed gorgeous, personalized digital sales presentations linked to every estimate you send out.

Step 3

Use analytics to build more business

Curious to know what happens after you hit send? With StickyBid, you see your daily activity, engagement data, and outcomes to show you what’s working and accelerate results.

Sell Pages made easy (& beautiful)

Create Sell Pages, which are like mini websites, to captivate customers and make your brand shine! And don’t worry, if design isn’t your thing, we’ve got your back with our professional templates.

If you need a little extra help, let us design your pages for you!

Connect to tools you already use

StickyBid seamlessly integrates with your current sales process. From easy software integration, to being available wherever you need it, StickBid is here to digitize, simplify, and supercharge your process to help you win more sales.

Graham increased his sales win rate by



The best part? You can start with a free trial! Experience the beauty and power of StickyBid firsthand.

Free Trial

Take StickyBid for a 7 day test drive.




Every feature Sticky Bid has to offer

7 day trial


Enhance your current process with beautiful estimates.




1 user

1 Sell Page

Unlimited contacts

Unlimited estimates

Unlimited invoices

Online signatures

Take payments

PDF import

Basic Integrations (Zapier)

Sales dashboard

Email + chat support

Design Support available (extra cost)


Dazzle your customers with branded estimates and track multiple sales stats.




All features in Starter but with:

3 users

3 Sell Pages

Auto follow-ups

Smart PDF import (beta available)

SMS notifications to clients

Team management

Design Support available (extra cost)

More brand, less bland.

Your company is more than just a logo on a pricing page. StickyBid is here to help you showcase the bigger value you bring to the table. Let’s make your business stand out and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

StickyBid = Happy business owners

“Everybody always forgets who you are the week after you’ve seen the job. With StickyBid, that’s no longer the case.”


“When I send estimates, through StickyBid, they hit harder, they communicate more, and they certainly will have an impact on my close rate compared to sending an attached attachment to an email.”


“StickyBid make us look like a super professional, top tier, big company and that helps to build trust with our customers.”


About us

We want to help your company stand out from the crowd because we’ve been there! We’re small business owners too and we realized that there was a better way to differentiate ourselves from the pack and win more jobs. We want to see your company flourish and give you a tool that makes your life easier in the process.