How can a customer pay a deposit within the estimate?

At this point, if your settings are configured for it and you have completed the Stripe integration to be able to accept payments through StickyBid, your customer will have the option to pay a deposit.

If they do accept, an invoice will be automatically generated and the deposit will be made as a partial payment on this invoice. At this point the estimate gets the Accepted & Invoiced status and becomes uneditable.

Any changes that need to be made can still be made directly on the invoice.

If you do not offer it, or if your customer opts not to pay a deposit, the estimate will retain its Accepted status until you manually create an invoice. At this point it will become Accepted & Invoiced.

What if I need to make changes after the estimate has been accepted?

If changes need to be made once an estimate is Accepted, but before it is Accepted & Invoiced, they can be, but editing an Accepted estimate will erase the customer signature and revert the estimate to Draft status.

If you really need to make changes to an estimate once it is Accepted & Invoiced, you can always create a duplicate of the estimate and start again.