How do I create a product or service?

Go to the Settings page by clicking on the “Settings” tab in the sidebar. Look for “Products & Services” under the Company Settings header.

There are 3 default products to serve as an example. Feel free to adapt these for your own use or create new products and services of your own.

How do I create my own custom product or service?

Click the “+ Add New Product/Service” button located with the default ones. You can then name your product, add the default quantity and unit price, upload an image, and add a description.

Once added, you will see the total in the bottom of your pop up window. E.g.,: if you have 2 units (the quantity) @ $75 (the unit price) you will see the total of $150 at the bottom.

Once completed hit the “Done” button and you will see it appear under the Product/Services tab.

Will my new product or service appear in the future?

The product or service you just created will be available to add with a single click to any of your future estimates.

If you need to add a “one off” item that will be used on a single estimate only, and you don’t want it cluttering your product/service catalog, you can click “+ Add New” when adding an item to an estimate. This will open a similar pop up that will create an item for that estimate only.