How do I select a color palette?

The third step is to select your Color Palette. This consists of 4 colors, one for each of Text, Alt Text, Background, and Accent. These will be used throughout your Sell Page to create visual coherence, while adding “pop” and reinforcing your brand.

How are the colors automatically selected?

We automatically pull colors from your logo to give you a head start. You can pick from these, or select a custom color, to be your Base Color. As the name suggests, this color forms the basis of your Color Palette.

Select this by clicking on the square to the right of Base Color.

How can I change the color palette?

You can then customize each of your palette colors, if you wish. Do this by clicking the square to the right. For example, click on the square to the right of Background to change the color that will be used as your content background color.

You can look at the right side of the wizard to preview your color palette. Once you are satisfied, click “Next” to go to the final step.

Once more, any selection made here can be changed later in the Sell Page Editor.

What’s the next step?

After choosing the layout, typography and color palette, your final step in Wizard will be to name your Sell Page.