How do I create and send an estimate?

To create an estimate, start by selecting the “Estimate” tab in the sidebar. Once navigated to the Estimates page, you will find the “+ New Estimate” button in the top right corner of your screen. Click this button to create a new estimate.

Start by clicking the “+ Add Customer” button to select a customer to send this estimate to. You can either select an existing customer or create a new customer.

Next you will need to add an item. Click the “+ Add Item” button, found below the “Items” header. This will open the Add Item pop up window. Here you can select from the items you made previously in your company settings, or you can create a “one off” item for this estimate only by selecting “+Add New.”

How do I include images in the estimate?

Under the “Gallery” header you have the option to upload any images pertaining to the estimate.

How do I attach a Sell Page to my estimate?

To do this, click on the underlined title of the currently attached Sell Page. This can be found in the black bar at the top of the estimate, next to the “Attached Sell Page:  title.”

Clicking this will open the Select Sell Page pop up where you can pick from your library of Sell Pages.

How do I preview my estimate?

Once you are happy with your estimate, click “Preview & Send” in the top right corner. This will open the Preview & Send pop up. Here you can edit the email subject and body your estimate will be included in, as well as get a look at the Sell Page as it will appear to your customer.