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Graham increased his win rate 72% with StickyBid

The problem: Every Window covering bid looks the same

Sending the PDF estimates created on supplier website doesn’t offer much of a chance to be better than the competition, but that ALL CHANGES with StickyBid!

Stop looking like the competition

Start winning more by being sticky!

When you use StickyBid to send your estimates you will connect better with customers. By using dynamic visual elements like pictures, videos and other supporting content to tell your unique brand story you will have a higher chance of winning the job.

His win rate increased by 72%.

Not too shabby if we do say ourselves!

Graham has been selling window coverings for the 3 years. Before StickyBid his process was to go through the grind of making Hunter Douglas, Graber and Shad-o-matic window coverings estimates for prospects through their websites. Then he would send the PDF to customers by email. This process resulted in a win rate of 28%.

Then Graham started using StickyBid to send his PDF estimates, allowing him to include valuable information about his family owned business, his story, his installers, satisfied customers, and so much more, and boom! An increase of 72%.

How does Graham feel with StickyBid?

Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

“I think it’s a black and white customer experience difference from what I was doing before. I have a level of confidence that when I send estimates, through StickyBid, they hit harder, they communicate more, and they certainly have an impact on my win rate, compared to sending an attached PDF to an email.” – Graham H – Owner (Beacon Hill Benjamin Moore)

It’s time to experience StickyBid for yourself!

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