What are the Sell Page sections?

The Sell Page sections are the meat and potatoes of the StickyBid Sell Page software. These are what you use to fill your Sell Page up with all the pieces of information and additional advertisement that you deem to be necessary to link with your estimate at the point of sale.

This Sell Page itself can be as simple or as complex as you make it; however, we recommend leaning towards a simple Sell Page for ease of use and so as not to overwhelm your potential new customers with information.

How many sections are there?

There are currently 14 different Sell Page sections that each add different elements to your Sell Page.

Examples include Banner, Text, 2 Column, Gallery, and Quote. It is by adding, editing, rearranging, and removing sections that the content of your Sell Page is made.\

To see the extent of a section, simply hover your mouse over an area of the Sell Page. A purple border will appear, outlining the section your mouse is over. You may then click to focus that section, making its content editable.