How do I view statistics and activity on the dashboard?

The StickyBid Dashboard provides a centralized location to view a collection of your business’ most important statistics as well as a high-resolution feed of the latest happenings.

What stats can you see on the dashboard?

StickyBid uses the following conventions when calculating statistics.

  • Stats are calculated for estimates within a specified time range.
  • “Open” estimates are those with a status of Sent or Viewed.
  • “Closed” estimates have a status of Accepted or Accepted & Invoiced.
  • “Total” estimates is open estimates plus closed estimates plus estimates with a status of Declined or On Hold.
  • Note that all invoices and estimates of status Draft are not included when calculating stats.

Close Rate: The percentage of closed estimates over total estimates.

Dollars Closed: The average total value of closed estimates vs total estimates.

Average Close: The average value of closed estimates.

Average Bid: The average value of total estimates.

Estimates Open: The number and total price of open estimates. Clicking on this card opens a pop-up listing your open estimates.

Estimates Closed: The number and total price of closed estimates. Clicking on this card opens a pop-up listing your closed estimates.

Total Estimates: The number and total price of total estimates. Clicking on this card opens a pop-up listing your total estimates.

On smaller screens the Estimates Open, Estimates Closed, and Total Estimates cards are replaced by a Estimates Won card. This card lists the number of closed estimates over the number of total estimates and the total value of closed estimates over the total value of total estimates.

How do I change the time range?

Click on the dropdown next to “Range:” to select your desired time range. We have provided some common ranges for your convenience (Last Month, This Month, Last 30 Days, etc) and also provide the option to enter a Custom range defined by any two dates. Your preference can be changed any time and will be preserved between sessions on the same device.

How do I change who the stats are for? (StickyBid Professional and higher)

If you’re an Admin user working with a team, you will see the option to select from your “Reps:”. These are all your Admin and Sales users. You can view stats of an individual, a selection of, or all your sales people. Sales users are only able to stats for their own estimates and do not have the “Reps:” dropdown.

What is Activity?

Activity is a granular feed of all the actions that are happening to estimates and invoices within StickyBid. Activity is sorted by date with the most recent activity at the top.

A typical activity includes the estimate/invoice number, value, customer, estimator, and timestamp. Activities are generally logged for things like document creation, status updates, payments, estimate assignment, estimate views, etc.

Clicking on an activity will link you to the estimate/invoice that the activity belongs to.

Activity is a great way to get a sense of the state of your business’ current estimate and invoice flows at a glance.

Note that the Range: and Reps: filters for statistics also apply to activity. For instance, if you would like to see the activity for only one of your sales people’s estimates from the previous month you would select “Last Month” in range and select their name in reps.

As for stats, Sales users can only see their own activity while Admin users can see activity company-wide.