What are Sell Page Blocks?

Blocks are groups of one or more sections containing related content. For example, a block called “About Us” could include a Text section, a Media section, followed by another Text section.

Where will Blocks appear in my Sell Page?

Critically, block titles will appear to your customers in the Sell Page’s navigation menu. This is so your customers can quickly jump between key areas of your Sell Page without having to scroll to search for them.

This menu is opened by clicking the burger icon on the left side of the Sell Page’s navigation bar.

How else can I use Blocks?

The secondary purpose of blocks is to allow you to reorder areas in your Sell Page more easily. See Moving and Editing Blocks for more.

The blocks in the Sell Page serve as a loose guideline for your Sell Page, and how StickBid believes it should be sequenced.

Each block has a preset name, but can be renamed using the plus icon located on the middle of your screen, so long as the new title does not exceed 20 characters. Using the same plus icon, you can duplicate the preset blocks, or delete them entirely. You may delete the blocks so as to resequence your Sell Page if you do not like the preset formatting.